Flee Lite 1.3

Beautiful, old-school console game


  • Beautiful
  • Nice touches, like cleaning
  • Great music


  • Gameplay not very exciting


Flee is an old-school console-type arcade game for Android.

If you’re nostalgic for the old days when things were just simpler, take a look at Flee. This beautifully-crafted game for Android sees you playing on a really old-fashioned handheld console. The game consists of driving down the highway, avoiding cars and other obstacles as you go.

Be warned – Flee is a really simple game. Playing just involves moving the car to the left or right to avoid crashing – the car itself moves automatically. In that sense, it’s pretty boring - even though there are 3 game modes, the basic premise is the same. What makes Flee interesting is the whole nostalgic vibe and the music, which is eccentric and varied – although not to everyone’s taste!

Flee looks great, with an old-school console interface that even gets dirty over time. There is also extensive help, and a good scoreboard function – but you’ll have to register for this.

Visually, Flee is excellent, but we doubt it will keep you entertained for long.



Flee Lite 1.3

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